Engineering Associate, Maine Water

Company Name:
Connecticut Water
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Job Description
The Engineering Associate is responsible for providing excellent service to our customers, shareholders and employees by managing and operating the GIS and Hydraulic Simulation software to properly maintain and store the Company's electronic records. The engineering associate has primary responsibilities in the following areas:
Data collection through coordination with engineering staff, superintendents and field service representatives and distribution system mapping using Arc GIS software of water utility assets and their characteristics.
Compliance with Chapter 140 of the Rules of the Maine Public Utilities Commission.
Further the development of an electronic asset management system
Further the integration of GIS with customer service and management level reporting and decision making
Employees of Maine Water will recognize the following core values in fulfilling their job responsibilities: honesty, trust, respect, communication, teamwork, personal accountability, and a positive attitude.
The engineering associate performs a variety of duties. Tasks include but are not limited to the following:
Successfully creates and manages GIS data of Company water distribution systems.
Assist with the design and drawing of water distribution system construction projects.
Coordinate with Operations for data collection necessary to create or update Company distribution maps and electronic files.
Maintain and operate hydraulic simulation models of Company water distribution systems.
Training and demonstration of ArcReader and ArcGIS software to Superintendents, field service representatives and others.
Development and filing of water system maps and information required under Chapter 140 of the Rules of the Maine Public Utilities Commission.
Perform special projects as assigned.
Maine Water is committed to providing a safe workplace. This position is responsible for learning, following and ensuring compliance with all safety rules. This includes rules and regulations in the Company Safety Manual, OSHA regulations and other state, federal, or governing body's rules and regulations.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Skills
Bachelors Degree in Civil or Spatial Engineering
Demonstrated experience in GIS applications and demonstrated proficiency with ArcGIS and associated software. This will include knowledge of application and principles of professional water works practice and familiarity with materials and methods used in the operation and maintenance of water distribution facilities.
Highly proficient in ESRI GIS, and GIS databases.
Highly proficient in Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Access.
Knowledge of Hydraulic Modeling and Design.
The above description covers the most significant duties performed but does not exclude other work assignments not mentioned
_ _
Required Experience
Physical Requirements
Work is primarily indoors with prolonged periods of physical activity, but will also include and require the following:
Exposure to indoor and outdoor settings, potentially extreme heat, cold, wind, or humidity.
Frequent walking, bending, climbing and kneeling, and occasional squatting and crawling.
Exposure to sufficient noise to cause employee to shout above ambient noise level.
Potential exposure to vibration, fumes, odors, dust, mists, gases, poor ventilation, toxic fumes, hazardous chemicals.
Occasionally in close quarters, crawl spaces, shafts, manholes, small-enclosed rooms, permitted or non-permitted confined spaces and narrow aisles or passageways.
Occasional balancing, frequent repetitive motion, lifting, pushing and pulling.
Occasional exertion of force up to 50 pounds, and/or up to 30 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds of force constantly.
Frequent dexterity skills including feeling, grasping, reaching, and fingering.
Continuous hearing, talking, seeing as well as the ability to read, comprehend, problem solve, reason and concentrate.
Must be able to perform the physical functions required to operate all the necessary equipment to perform the functions of the job described above.
Job Location
Biddeford, Maine, United States
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